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We can not only help you with workouts we can also help you with diet and even stress management and how to get a better nights sleep !


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this is not just an app you have a YBTFit Coach personally work with you and help you accountable and on track ! 

The 3 YBT Pillars of Health & Longevity

















Sleep optimization

Stress management

Positive attitude

Breath work 

Mediation / Prayer

Heat & Chryo Therapy


YBT Method

in this 90 Second video YBT Head Coach Michael Brooks explains what the YBT method is in a nutshell , what makes it unique and how you can take advantage of the law of Synergy. 

" Synergy is when two or more components combined have a stronger effect then any one of the individual components has on it's own"

YoungerByTomorrow in the news

Mayor , Author and financial expert Stewart Welch talks about the benefits of the YBT protocol 

The YBT Method make you younger

Did you know that you can measurably ....turn back your biological Clock without any drugs and no bad side effects ?

Even Anti aging Docs that do prescribe drugs when needed will agree that the most important piece of the anti aging puzzle is getting the 3 YBT Pillars in check first !


Todd Sharley

Stewart Welch III

Stewart Welch III


I am so pleased to write you a recommendation concerning our journey at the fitness center that started over five years ago. 
Wow! What a time we have had in the metamorphosis from cocoon to butterfly is not yet complete can't say enough about your routines that we do three times each week and how much each workout is different from the others. I previously had worked out for 20 years at various centers but never had the tremendous range of exercises or programs that you have provided. As you know I had some shoulder issues when we started that up completely dissipated as we have worked on many exercises that have stretched and Limbird those muscles/joints what a relief . I only wish you could find the same care for the arthritis but I think that is on my ticket, as age is working against me there. You have truly develop routines that have increased my Power Rangers strength, speed, quickness, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, muscular endurance  and cardiovascular aerobic capacity, what more can I say!! Another aspect of your routines are the unexpected challenges that you put into these workouts so good to keep us alert and competitive. Michael not only do I have the best trainer in Alabama, But also a very special lifetime friend. Continued success to you and your family as we continue to our journey, but also a very special lifetime friend. Continued success to you and your family as we continue to our Journey for many years into the future. Please have anyone contact me for additional information. 

Thanks !

Todd Sharley Realty

South Birmingham Alabama  

Stewart Welch III

Stewart Welch III

Stewart Welch III


Mayor of Mountain Brook, Al.
Author , TV personality & Financial Adviser and one of my mentors.  

YoungerByTomorrow will be featured in Stewart Welches new book "100 Rules of success"

Key Donnellan

Stewart Welch III

Donna C. Shenesky


I recently returned from a trip to Alaska. It was a rare opportunity to travel with my daughter and son-in-law. Due to my training with Michael Brooks, I was able to fully participate in all of our adventures and enjoy some beautiful hikes. I now have some exceptional memories and plan to continue my training with Michael. We all know regular exercise has many benefits. I take pleasure in the boost of energy it provides and a strengthened core.  Thanks, Michael!

-Kay Donnellan

Donna C. Shenesky

Donna C. Shenesky

Donna C. Shenesky


Hi Michael, in the end, I lost 3 pounds and can’t really tell much difference in those snug pants, but, I consider it a huge success. I am thinking about everything I am eating and making better choices, drinking more water and going to the gym to walk 3 or 4 times a week. Success, yes?

Thanks for your direction down this road to a healthier 2018!!!

Donna C. Shenesky

Chief Compliance Officer

American Mining Insurance Group

Birmingham AL

Dr. Rick Brown

Donna C. Shenesky

Dr. Rick Brown


Doctor, Former Naval medical officer , avid Golfer and always has a good joke to tell. Dr. Brown stays in great shape and I always enjoy working with him.

Cory Holly

Donna C. Shenesky

Dr. Rick Brown


Cory is a friend and mentor of mine and I'm currently enrolled in his Sports Nutrition Adviser course . As you can see by the picture above Cory is a perfect example of what good Living, Eating and Training can do to preserve your youth. 

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YBT Coaches


3 YBT Pillars of Health

3 YBT Pillars of Health

What makes this different from most online programs is we are a group of real in the trenches Certified Coaches . with years of experience . We will keep you motivated on track with a program thats fits you personal needs and goals.

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3 YBT Pillars of Health

3 YBT Pillars of Health

3 YBT Pillars of Health

We will teach you the 3 YBT Pillars to turbo charge your fitness and anti aging results. you will look and feel younger.

MOVE: strength training, Cardio, Flexibility, Balance & coordination.

EAT: Diet & supplementation based upon your unique biological needs and goals.

LIVE: we will show you Wellness techniques to improve your sleep and manage stress .


Online programs

3 YBT Pillars of Health

Online programs

With online Coaching you have the benefit of being able to train when and where you want at a much lower cost then in person Coaching. 

We offer several levels of programs that can fit anyone's budget as well as premium packages for folks looking to get.

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