YBT21 Diet-Portion control

1. learn how to use hand as a measuring device .

2. Men & Women have a maximum amount of portions from each food category that they may eat each day.

YBT21 EAT Challenge

YBT21 Diet - Portion control method

we have gone over the YBT approved food list so we know what to eat.........

now lets find out how much from each category we can eat each day ... to support our goal or Longevity , optimal body 

we are going to do it by simply using our hand as a reference for each food category.


Portion control chart using hand

This is the easiest method that I have found to measure food portions without the need of cups or scales.  by simply using our hand as a reference we can get a very good idea of portion sizes ..

Protein = 1 palm equals 1 portion . for example one hamburger patty would be 1 portion of protein.

Vegetables will be referred to as "LIGHT Carbs"  because they have very little calories = 1 fist size BUT technically you can have as much form the light carb category as you like ... I don't know too many people that have gotten fat eating too much broccoli or spinach unless it was in the form of a casserole .... 

Carbs are referred to as HEAVY CARBS  because they are calorically dense 1 palm size = 1 portion

Fat  is the size of your thumb = 1 portion.

Beverages should be from the YBT approved beverage please be sure to exercise  portion control with alcohol in particular  : 1 glass of wine = 1 portion heavy carb. 

Total portion for the day for men & Women

each day at the top of your daily suggested meal plan you will notice that the is a total food portion for Men & Women ( see chart below)

do your very best to try and stay within those parameters. Feel free to space those out anyway you like.

So for example if you plan on going out to eat somewhere that would most likely have a lot of foods from the Heavy Carb category .... and you only have 5 portion of heavy carbs allotted for the day then you may try to save as many of those as possible to use at Dinner....

of if you have a high carb breakfast like  pancakes or cereal you may have to cut a lot of carbs out the rest of the day..

Day 1 / Week 1   Daily total food portions from each food Category for Men & Women 


  • Protein: 6 portions (portion size your palm)
  • Light Carbs ( vegetables) : 6 portions plus unlimited ( portion size your fist )
  • Heavy Carbs: 5 portions  (portion size your cupped hand)
  • Fat: 6 portions  (portion size your thumb)


  • Protein: 4 portions (portion size your palm)
  • Light Carbs: 6 portions plus unlimited ( portion size your fist )
  • Heavy Carbs: 5 portions (portions size your cupped hand)
  • Fat: 4 portions (portion size your thumb)