YBT21 Diet - Meal plan

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YBT21 EAT- Meal plan

Now lets learn how to put it all together and follow the meal plan

Ok so now we know what foods to eat ..... and how to measure our portion size using our hand lets take a look at how we put it all together .....

Note: "if you have not already reviewed both the YBT Food list and the Portion control please go back and review those first ...

The YBT MEAL PLAN offers a couple of benefits

1. It will give you the appropriate portions from each food category for each meal .

2. We will give you a suggested Meal or Snack.... BUT if you don't like a particular PROTEIN, LIGHT CARB, HEAVY CARB or Oil just go to the food list and pick any choice from the appropriate category.

3. If you do switch a food out just be sure to stick with the same suggested portion size from that particular  category .

4. Each Day you will be given a total amount of portions of each food category to shoot for.