YBT21 Diet - Food list

YBT Food & Grocery list list

VERY IMPORTANT : You must plan ahead otherwise its going to make it difficult to make the right choices.

 the YBT Food  list has two purposes.

1. Use this as a guide for making your grocery list .

2.  also if you do not like one of the meals suggested meal in the YBT MEAL PLAN you can simply exchange the suggested foods for something else you like in the same nutrient category at the same portion size.

 Even just a few different items from each food group can give you dozens of different combinations and recipes .


6 Nutrient Categories



Protein is essential meaning " must have" for optimal health . We will list the best protein for meat eaters as well as the best sources for protein for Vegans.

Heavy Carbs


these are carbs that have lots of calories and we have to be more careful with portion control

Light Carbs


these are carbs that have very little calories so we can eat lots of them .

Healthy Fats


Healthy fats are essential for optimal health so don't fall for the low fat diet approach BUT even healthy fats should be eaten with some portion control in mind and most importantly the type of fat is of the utmost importance. 

"Not all fats are created equal"



these are some of the most nutrient filled foods on the planet so you can eat  pretty much have as much of these as you would like.... not only for the healthy benefits but to make your food taste better and add some variety.



The human body is 55-60 % water. being optimally hydrated can help your joints feel better assist in digestion , muscles , skin the list goes on and on.

 Its very easy to drink too many calories and in many cases too much sugar. We will list some of your best options which will include of course water ( preferably filtered) Coffee , tea sparkling water ect. and yes even some of your better alcohol choices in the form of wine and other lower carb alcoholic beverages.


  • Chicken 
  • Fish
  • Seafood of any kind ( Clams, Shrimp Lobster ect.)
  • Beef : of any cut( Ground beef , Steak, Roast ,Ribs Liver ect.) 
  • Pork of any cut: ( Pork Chops, Bacon, Ribs ect.)
  • Lamb : of any cut (chops , Lamb rack ext.) 
  • Eggs
  • Whey protein
  • Hemp protein
  • Vegetarian protein


Heavy Carbs



Acorn Squash

Butternut Squash


Sweet Potato


Rice ( try some Cauliflower Rice super low  carb and its on the all you want to eat list !)

Flax Cereal ( makes a great substitute for Grits for my Southern friends )





Light carbs

Note : Light carbs "Vegetables"


Brussels sprouts Celery



Fennel Root



Dandelion greens


Red pepper& Yellow pepper & Green pepper

Red cabbage & Green cabbage Lettuce

Cauliflower or Cauliflower Rice

Artichoke Hearts


NOTE : and any other Green leafy vegetable we may have listed.


Healthy Fats

Avocado and Avocado Oil




Coconut oil

Olive oil

Palm Oil

Macadamia oil

Mayonaise: I like the one made by Paleo Kitchen its very good and only made w/YBTapproved fats 

Salad Dressing : Most Salad Dressings should be considered an Oil.



  • Allspice - Similar to cloves, but more pungent and deeply flavored. Best used in spice mixes.
  • Bay Leaf - Adds a woodsy background note to soups and sauces.
  • Cardamom - This warm, aromatic spice is widely used in Indian cuisine. It's also great in baked goods when used in combination with spices like clove and cinnamon.
  • Cayenne Pepper - Made from dried and ground red chili peppers. Adds a sweet heat to soups, braises, and spice mixes.
  • Chia Seeds - No, these seeds aren't just for growing crazy terracotta sculptures! Nearly flavorless, they can be ground into smoothies, cereals, and baked goods for extra nutrition and texture, or even used as a vegan egg substitute.
  • Cinnamon (also: Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon) - Found in almost every world cuisine, cinnamon serves double duty as spice in both sweet and savory dishes.
  • Cloves - Sweet and warming spice. Used most often in baking, but also good with braised meat.
  • Coriander Seed - Earthy, lemony flavor. Used in a lot of Mexican and Indian dishes.
  • Cumin - Smoky and earthy. Used in a lot of Southwestern U.S. and Mexican cuisine, as well as North African, Middle Eastern, and Indian.
  • Fennel Seed - Lightly sweet and licorice flavored. It's excellent with meat dishes, or even chewed on its own as a breath freshener and digestion aid!
  • Garlic Powder - Garlic powder is made from dehydrated garlic cloves and can be used to give dishes a sweeter, softer garlic flavor.
  • Ginger - Ground ginger is made from dehydrated fresh ginger and has a spicy, zesty bite.
  • Nutmeg - Sweet and pungent. Great in baked goods, but also adds a warm note to savory dishes.
  • Oregano - Robust, somewhat lemony flavor. Used in a lot of Mexican and Mediterranean dishes.
  • Paprika - Adds a sweet note and a red color. Used in stews and spice blends. There is also a spicy version labeled hot paprika.
  • Peppercorns - Peppercorns come in a variety of colors (black, white, pink, and green being the most popular). These are pungent and pack a mild heat.
  • Rosemary - Strong and piney. Great with eggs, beans, and potatoes, as well as grilled meats.
  • Sage - Pine-like flavor, with more lemony and eucalyptus notes than rosemary. Found in a lot of northern Italian cooking.
  • Turmeric - Sometimes used more for its yellow color than its flavor, turmeric has a mild woodsy flavor. Can be used in place of saffron in a pinch or for those of us on a budget.
  • Thyme - Adds a pungent, woodsy flavor. Great as an all-purpose seasoning.


YBT approved beverages



drink there very best quality of water you can find . Most tap water is filled with Chlorine , Fluoride and lots of other nasty stuff. Sure your Liver can do a pretty good job of filtering it out BUT our livers have enough work to do.

shoot for eight x 8 ounces glasses of water a day.

Fizzy water


if your craving something carbonated some of the Natural Carbonated water s available can really hit the spot. Try with a twist of lime. 



with or with out the caffeine try to get an Organic Coffee and if you go with a decaffeinated be sure it's been decaffeinated with the Swiss method that method does not use harsh chemicals during the processing. 

if you need to sweeten use Stevia and if you use milk I like Coconut or Almond milk its lower carb but if you handle dairy go ahead and use it in moderation.

Tea hot or cold


they are chock full of benefits just about any kind is fine Green , Black or Herbal Teas all have many benefits. if you need to sweeten use Stevia and if you use milk I like Coconut or Almond milk its lower carb but if you handle dairy go ahead and use it in moderatio

Green drinks


You have to make this one of your staples !!!! I have found this to be one of the very best ways to work more vegetables and fiber into my diet....I make one everyday I throw a bunch of veggies into a blender with some water and drink it down....You may consider poring it throw a strainer to get some of the pulp out to make it easier to get down or maybe you have a juicer at home ? either way just pick any veggies from the YBT Low Carb Veggies list . Try adding a little lemon or ginger maybe even a 1/4 of a beet if you think it would easier to drink to make it red in color if you can get past the green color or even a 1/2 an apple to sweeten it up

Carbonated soda


there are plenty of Low carb sodas not a huge fan of the ones sweetened with chemicals there is more and more research coming out on the negative effects they have long term. BUT there are a few Natural alternatives sweetened with Stevia you could check out one of them is called

Flavored electrolytes


When you are going low carb you can sometimes feel low energy some even call it the Low Carb Flu that you can get the first week or two when lowering your carb intake. 

some of that can alleviated using a little sea salt or a good electrolyte mix.They  mix easily in water. It will make it will make it much easier to get in your recommended water intake ( 64 ounces per day) . 

This one that I use and recommend by THORNE .

Milk alternatives


 Coconut , Almond or even Hemp milk make a good low carb Milk alternative they taste pretty good and can be drank straight or used in cooking as a Milk substitute or in a protein shake. Only about 35% of the populations have the enzymes to properly break down milk once the reach adulthood. Plus if you are looking to get lean Milk may not be the best alternative unless your are looking to gain weigh.



Lemonade is my son's favorite drink ! just squeeze some lemons or a Lemon concentrate w/o sugar add water and sweeten with Stevia.

Hot Cocoa


use unsweetend organic raw Cocoa to get the most health benefits mix with a hot Milk alternative Coconut , Almond or Hemp and sweeten with Stevia. 

Protein Shake


Mix a High quality un-denatured Whey Protein Isolate ( processed at low heat to retain the all the health benefits with a Milk alternative Coconut, Almond or Hemp Milk. 

This is the Whey Protein I use and recommend. Very low carb no sugar non-denatured whey protein isolate meaning .. its is better for folks that have allergies or low tolerance to milk and the fact it's non-denatured ( processed at a very low temperature) so still has all the immune building properties intact.



Most alcohol actually has more carbs then is marked on the label  , but here are  some of the better choices:

Red Wine

Vodka Gin


Try this one from Robb Wolff "The NorCal Margarita" 

 Make sure you use a 20 ounce glass:

  1. Pour 2 shots (3 ounces) of 100% agave tequila or sub w/Vodka.
  2. Add juice + pulp from one lime.
  3. Add ice and shake.
  4. Fill glass with soda water.
  5. Garnish with salt, if desired.

Now let's learn how much we can eat from each food category !