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Hello my name is Michael I'll be your Coach and I would like to congratulate you for taking action….. “Action  expresses priorities”  and health should be your top priority.

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Get your ideal body without feeling hungry or deprived !

Food list


 We show you exactly what foods to eat , not only to get lean but also for optimal long term health, energy and longevity.

Portion Control


 we will teach you a simple way to measure the proper amount of Protein , Fat and Carbs to eat each meal . Without having to count calories or weigh and measure. 



 We offer a flexible eating program on what , When and how much to eat to loose body fat and optimize long term health without feeling hungry or deprived.  Each day we give you suggested meals  that can be customized to foods that yo like.

What is the YBT21 Diet Challenge


3 YBT Pillars of health provide a Synergistic effect


The YBT21 EAT Challenge is an online diet program that will show you day by day, step by step how and what to eat .


Without having to count calories and feel hungry and deprived.

MOVE : we can assist you with exercise routines that can be performed where and when you want at the Gym or at home with little or no equipment.

EAT : a flexible eating program on what , When and how much to eat to loose body fat and optimize long term health without feeling hungry or deprived.

LIVE : we will show you tips and hacks on how to get better sleep and manage stress and other lifestyle optimization solutions.

Goal:  the synergistic effect you will receive by following the 3 YBT Pillars of health will help you attain your optimal body weight , lower stress and and make you look and feel Younger.  



 What separates the YBT21 from other online cookie cutter programs ?  You will actually have your own Coach and it's not some guy sitting in his Mom's basement or half way around the globe in a call center........but your own certified Coach that will keep you on track and answer any questions you may have...


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Everyone that has followed this program has been successful 100% !

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YBT Testimonials


Hi Michael, in the end, I lost 3 pounds  I consider it a huge success. I am thinking about everything I am eating and making better choices, drinking more water and going to the gym to walk 3 or 4 times a week. Success, yes?

Thanks for your direction down this road to a healthier 2018!!!


Donna C. Shenesky

Chief Compliance Officer

American Mining Insurance Group

Birmingham AL



I recently returned from a trip to Alaska. It was a rare opportunity to travel with my daughter and son-in-law. Due to my training with Michael Brooks, I was able to fully participate in all of our adventures and enjoy some beautiful hikes. I now have some exceptional memories and plan to continue my training with Michael. We all know regular exercise has many benefits. I take pleasure in the boost of energy it provides and a strengthened core.  Thanks, Michael!

-Kay Donnellan



I'm 56 years old and having been training clients for over 30 years.

 I developed this Diet for my clients , family and of course me . So I designed this diet to be sustainable , healthy , provide all the essential  nutrients for long term health & longevity and  it's simple and easy to follow.

Michael Brooks

YBT Head Coach 



I’ve been training with Michael with a few years now.  Though I was a college rower when we started, his expertise proved instrumental in my development as an athlete, aiding me in achieving further athletic pursuits including a fourth place finish in the 53 mile Birmingham Stage Race and a second place age division finish in this year’s Xterra Triathlon.  The exercises that Mike has created help to develop strength, balance, endurance, and coordination far beyond the typical regimen.  Currently, Michael helped me train for the Xterra World Championship Triathlon, a race I know I will succeed in with his help.  Thanks Michael. 

- Scott Tully Jr.

Med School Student




YBT21 EAT Challenge


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Once your purchase the YBT21  EAT Challenge . You will be emailed a membership link that will give you access to all 21 Days. 


  • An  additional 9 days of coaching to be sure you have met your goals and help you find the perfect  program balance to maintain your success..
  • Access to our workout programs for 30 days.
  • We can also assist you with lifestyle changes and modifications such as how to get optimal sleep, stress management ect .