YBT Movement Library

Strength & Endurance


"If you don't train you can expect to loose 3-5 %  of bone and muscle mass every decade " 


Our YBT Movement library is broken up into 3 basic categories.

  • Core: Keeping the Core strong is very important !  It's great to have a 6 pack but these will also improve your overall performance and help prevent injury especially lower back issues.
  • Dynamic Warm up & Stretching: In this section we will give you Dynamic warm up & Stretching exercises that will help prepare you for action as well as cool you down and improve your flexibility .
  • Strength & Endurance: where you will find some of our favorite movements to increase your overall strength and Endurance aka "Cardio" and Muscular Endurance.



Dynamic Warm up & Stretch


Strength & Endurance


Strength & Endurance

Air squats
Back squat Smith machine 
Pistol squats
Pistol Squats from box
Squats w/band
Step overs w/bench
Step up knee raise w/bench
Bulgarian Squat w/bench
Plyo squats
Box Jumps
4 Point squat 
Super slow squats
Tabata squats
Bottom to Bottom Tabata squats
Kosack squats
Curtsy squats
Step over squats
Plyo lunges
Step back lunge
Calve raises
3 way calve raises
Calve hold at top
RDL w/db
SG Leg RDL w/bw
SG Leg RDL w/db
Back squat w/bar bell
Squat w/db
Front squat w/BB
Squat w/Db rack position
Thrusters w/db
Leg press Precor machine
Leg Curl Precor machine 
Leg Extensions Precor machine
Abductor Precor machine
Adductor Precor machine 
Calve Raises Precor machine
Squats Free motion machine 
BACK: Free weights & Body weight
Dead lift 
Romanian Dead lift w/Barbell
Barbell clean
Pull up

Jumping pull up's

Dumbbell Pull overs
Reverse Rows w/smith machine
Pull through w/band
Pull through w/cable
Sgl arm Bent row w/db
Sgl arm/Sgl Leg row w/db
Bent Row w/BB
Seated Row cable row 
Seated Pull Down Cable machine
Plank Row w/Dumbbell 
Pistol Squat from box
Standing Row w/band
Standing Pull through w/band
Sgl Leg standing row w/band
Archers Row w/band
Med Ball Slam
BACK: Machines
Lat Pull down Precor machine
Lat Pull down - Life Fitness plate loaded machine
Assisted pull up Precor machine
Seated Row cable
Seated Row plated loaded- Life fitness machine
Seated Row with chest support
Back extension Precor machine 
SHOULDERS: Free weights & Bodyweight
DB over head press
Barbell over head press
Barbell Push press
Barbell push jerk
Over head press w/band
DB Side raises
DB Bent Rev Flys
Scapcion Raise w/db
Handstand Push up on wall
Jack Knife Handstand push up 
Jack Knife Hanstand push up from knee's
Halo's w/plate

SHOULDERS : w/machines
Shoulder Press machine
Reverse Fly Precor machine
High Pull cable machine
Sumo Dead lift High Pull cable machine
Dumbbell Flat Bench press
Dumbbell Pec Fly Flat Bench
Flat Bench press w/Barbell
Incline Bench Press w/Barbell
Incline Bench press w/Dumbbells
Push up
Push up w/hand release
Push up form knees
Push up at 45 degree
Chest Press w/band
Sgl leg Standing Chest press w/Band
Pec Fly w/band
Sgl arm push up 

Med ball Chest pass

Pec Fly Precor machine
Chest Press Precor machine 
Assisted Dips Precor machine
Incline press Life Fitness plate loaded machine
Decline Press - Plate loaded Life fitness machine
ARMS : Free weights & bodyweight
DB Bicep curls w/Barbell
Reverse grip Curls w/Barbell
Reverse grip pull ups
Reverse wrist curls w/BB
Wrist curls w /BB
Finger extensions w/rubber band
Tricep extensions Precor machine
Tricep extensions Cable machine
Tricep Kickbacks w/Dumbbell
Tricep Extensions w/band
Bicep Curl w/band
ARMS : w/machines
Bicep curl cable machine
Overhead Tricep extensions w/Dumbbells
Tricep Extension w/cable machine
Tricep Extension machine
Assisted Dips Precor machine
Wrist curls palms up w/Barbell
Wrist Curls palms down w/Barbell 
Alternating Dumbbell Curls 

Full Body YBT WOD's

Barbell complex : RDL/Clean/Front squat/Overhead press
Fran : DB Thrusters & Pull ups
Turkish get up's 

Endurance YBT WOD's

Endurance WOD: Bike/Jump Rope/Burpee


Stationary Bike

Treadmill side shuffle

Concept 2 Rower
Jump Rope
Jumping Jacks
Farmer Carry
Wall Ball
High Knee's w/step
Box Jumps
Man Makers