Let's get started !

Let's get started !

1. get a baseline

2. Check out the YBT Food list page

3. Checkout the YBT portion control page

4. Checkout the YBT Meal plan page.

6. Start day 1 

Jump on the scale


1, Get on a weight scale

write down your weight ( note time of day try to always use the same scale and weigh yourself at same time and even the same day of week if possible with same amount of clothing) so you can eliminate the variables as much as possible its easy to have a weight swing of 3 lbs up or down on the same day. Record all measurements with dates and times.

Important note: the weight scale is great BUT  please don't get too caught up with it ,,, because it's does have it's flaws ... for example if you went on a low calorie , low protein diet you will certainly loose weight but if you loose 20 lbs and 15 be of it are muscle that is NOT good !

better would be to loose 10 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle ... on the scale you would be the same weight but you would look as if you lost 20 lbs and your close would fit you much better..

That is one big reason by picking one other method to have a baseline like how you fit in your clothes or a measurement is so important..

#2 Girth measurement


with tape measure the following 4 locations and then

by adding  all 4 site measurements together we can get a total amount (That will be your total score so you will know total inches lost as well where in what areas you had your best results from by the individual measurements)

  • Upper Arm: around bicep with arm at 90 degrees relaxed or flexed.
  • Waist: at smallest point of waist between first rib and hip bone.
  • Hips: where glutes protrude the most ( try not to contract glutes) 
  • Thighs: at widest spot between hip and knee.

Watch video below to see how to take measurements

Girth measurement tutorial

# 3 try on some jeans or a dress


Try on an old pair of jeans or dress : you may have an ol pair of jeans or even a dress you have not been able to fit into as well as you would like ?  try it on take note of how it fits or doesn't.... put it away and try it on again at the end of the Challenge .... you may have some OFF THE SCALE VICTORIES and this would be a good way to measure one of them !

#4 take a pre & post selfie


 Don't worry you can keep these private only share if you like.

Tip: you may even consider pre-booking a professional Photo session that will take place immediately after the Challenge the trick is to have it PRE-BOOKED . Think about it ......If you knew you were getting your pics done in 21 days and you already prepaid how motivated do you think you would be ? the answer is VERY !!!!

# 5 Body fat percentage


My favorite method of assessing a clients body composition is measuring their body fat composition .

for example if I am working with a male client that is 5'10" and weighs 180 lbs and their body fat is 30%  compared to someone else that is the same height and weight but  15% BF . The client with 15% would look and perform much better even though the scale told them they were the same.

In fact the guy with 30 % would be considered skinny/fat ...

the same goes for females some ladies may look very skinny but have no muscle .... 

whether your male or  female being obese or even  "skinny/fat " is not a  good indicator for long term health and longevity,,,

Very important key point: having a healthy amount of muscle is the leading indicator for having longevity ..

Bodyfat calipers

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Body fat % measuring devices

BF Calipers


Advantage is that you get a BF% from each measuring site so you can get an idea where you tend to hold fat. Then when you remeasure you can see specifically where you are loosing fat from.... stomach, back of arms ect...

Disadvantage is that it takes a bit of practice to get proficient enough to be accurate and its difficult to measure yourself. 

Announce coming events


Advantage to the hand held electronic BF% devices are they affordable fairly  accurate and easy to do yourself.

Another really simple method is to just use the BF% chart below 

Tip when measuring BF%

as with when weighing yourself best to try and keep the variables the same for more accurate reading . for example try to always measure at or around the same time of day either always before or after the work.


Body Fat % chart

Compare your selfie to chart above:

One really simple method to get a ball park value of your current BF% is to compare your selfie to the chart above .

NOTE : You can also use the chart as a tool to decide what would be ideal target BF % you would like to shoot for.

Tips to increase your success !



Having a supportive community to share your challenges and victories .. not only will support your success but help those around your knowing other are having the same challenges and hearing your success stories will offer some encouragement.

YBT Head Coach

Michael Brooks will be your personal Wellness Coach and he is always happy to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Contact info:
email: Michael@ YoungerByTomorrow.com

Cell or text: 205-353-2622 

Private FB group

join our private Facebook group at 


here you can ask your YBT Coach questions either in private message or on the post so other participants that may have the same issue can give input as well as see others maybe having the same challenges they are . Also great place to share any food pics and recipes you have tried and liked with group.

Share the big news

sometimes when you tell other people what your doing it will motivate you even more to stick to it !

Set a goal


What's your target ?

Ok now that we have some baseline measurements lets get very clear on what our target is ?

everyones goals are different and I want to give everyone the freedom to decide upon their own goals but..... with that said I do have to say as a Wellness Coach I would suggest that you focus on long term health and Wellness and everything else will fall in to place.

at the end of this 21 days I don't only want to to look and feel better and want to really know what and how much to eat a skill you will have for a lifetime for yourself and your loved ones...



Supplements are just that they are meant to supplement a good diet not replace it. 

I try to eat the very best Natural foods I can but our modern lives are anything but natural and the foods we are eating now even organic do not have the vitamins and minerals our fruits and vegetables had even 100 years ago.

we are surrounded by stress 24/7 environmental pollutants in the air we breath , the water we drink.

I do recommend that if you do decide to supplement to you use only the best quality or don't bother. That is why I purchase all my personal supplements for myself , family and clients through Emerson Ecologics/Wellevate they are a supplier to health care practitioners so everything has to be of the highest quality and have in it what the label says. purchasing supplements on Amazon is a crap shoot and even big name stores like Walmart and CVS have had products tested off their shelves only to find little to none of the ingredients on the label. Read news report

if you not sure what would work best for you just let me know I'm happy to offer a free Nutritional consult . They are a lot of things to consider 

Do you want a liquid, powder or capsule ?

are you on any medications that would influence what you should or shouldn't take? 

Whats your goals, age , gender ect....

Wit that said my general answer is that most everyone should be taking a 

high quality 


Fish Oil ( or vegan or vegetarian equivalent ) 


checkout our YBT online store where I have personally curated all our products for quality from reputable companies at a good value..don't see something your looking for ? please let me know we are adding new products every week I have access to all the top Nutritional companies at discounted rates 

The Triage theory

Definition : The triage theory posits that some functions of micronutrients (the approximately 40 essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids) are restricted during shortage and that functions required for short-term survival take precedence over those that are less essential.

what that means in more simple terms is that short term survival takes precedence over long term survival its makes sense that your body is most concerned with surviving today and not so much on how you might feel 20 years down the road. So if there is only enough Vitamin K to keep in the blood so that your blood can clot so if you get cut you don't bleed out that is more important then giving some to your bones so you don't have oust porous in 20 years. But if you had optimal Vit K on board it would be happy to share with the bones....